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what do you want from me?

blogging isn’t natural for me. I tend to get lazy and just stop writing after a while. let’s hope this blog can persist. haha

the weather was crazy today. scorchingly hot when I was walking to the casuarina bus stop to grab a lift from Jeri but as I was reaching the bus stop it suddenly became cloudy -.- we had to take over from C shift at 1330 today cos they had to go help out at the ACER life run. it’s weird how an extra 2 hours goes a long way to making the day seem that much longer. normally take over time to dinner is only 3 hours but today it was 5 >.< was famished by that time. luckily it was spaghetti at the cookhouse, though i didn't take the chicken cos it didn't look appetizing. a rather uneventful stagger shift today, although we talked about a lot of stuff to pass time. 9 hours is no joke!

dropped her an SMS cos she didn't reply my previous one from the other day. we were supposed to meet to catch I Am Number Four but turns out it's not showing in cinemas yet. so after deciding that a movie, supper or meeting another day was out of the question, I suggested dinner. she said it'll be "stupid" cos I'd be traveling all the way to boon lay just for dinner and then back home after. I asked her if she would be going home after her tuition cos I didn't mind waiting for her. she just HAD to say "if that's the case maybe Junwei'll come pick me see? :)" -.- I don't know if she's out to piss me off or something. I mean obviously I don't like the guy. heck, I even call him failboy. (on a happier side note, iOS autocorrect suggests "junkie" when I spelt his name LOL) so yeah. I have no fucking idea what she wants. I still love her very much, but I don't know if she feels the same way or even has feelings for me anymore. it's really very frustrating. sigh.

the drive to kranji dam and the talk with Jill last night was really nice. she's one friend I really hope I never lose. too bad things aren't the same as they were 1 year ago…I'm sorry Jilly =\

guess I should hit the sack. she's probably not gonna reply. good night world. hope tomorrow's training turns out ok. wonder what the sunrise will bring?

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