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the nature of travel

I’ve always pondered the value of travel,

and why it’s so desirable, yet elusive.


Why is it such a catalyst for change

and why sometimes it is not, and

What determines the varying degrees to which it changes us,

opens our minds, shifts our paradigms, revolutionizes our thinking, then actions, then people around us?


And why people all over the world

crave it.


It’s because we all want,

for once in our lives,

a legitimate excuse to to cut off all ties,

ties that weigh us down.


We want to be entrained like a pebble by the forces of a running stream.

to be as free and unattached and as singular as a grain of sand on a windy shore.




Disconnected (like I am now without a phone),


Travel allows us the freedom of,

for once, having no expectations, no plans.

It’s about not having to be a performer, a conformist to the expectations of society

or expectations of our old selves

putting on behaviour modifications to please our family, friends,

and fitting the mould we’ve carved out for ourselves


Instead, in travel, we are each

an adventurer, an explorer,

Someone who isn’t afraid to take a step in what might be in the wrong direction,

because there’s no right and wrong in travel

if you take your supposidly wrong steps in the right light –

Realise that all distance is relative

and your answer to the questions of the world isn’t a multiple choice, but an open ended essay that finds its purpose along the way


you’ll find –

something foreign isn’t necessarily bad,

something uncomfortable isn’t always a precursor for danger,

something alien isn’t always something you should be cautious of.


Some of the dodgiest decisions I’ve made have turned out to be the best ones by far

Some of the most spontaneous, crazy choices turn out to be the most special and unique moments I’ll always remember.

Some of the greatest detours indeed have turned out to be the most memorable journeys I’ve ever taken


because travel makes you realize that we are all, deep down, the same.

Everyone wants to know what everybody else is doing,

find a common connection amidst that great diversity,

and realize that, as my friend Shelby put it:


People are people.

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