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the dumps

that’s where i am. hurhur.

she’s in mexico for her spring break. i’m happy for her but can’t help worrying (she mentioned kidnap and rape cases a while back =/) >.<

nonetheless…i hope she’s enjoying herself and taking a much-needed break (both from school and from the insanely cold weather in NY)


sigh. what if she chooses him? it’s a constant nagging thought and it’s really putting my mood down =/ 


if you love someone, learn to let him/her go


this is probably the third time in my life i’ve had to force myself to consider this (and i know for a fact that it’s for the best), but it’s hard. i know i’ve got to accept whatever she decides, and i know that ultimately as long as she’s happy, i should be happy……


i know. but it still sucks. and i’m feeling like shit.


guess it’s time to drown my sorrows in more beer

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